Christmas in July 2013

Date 27th July 2013

Christmas in July Weekend – Goomalling Caravan Park – 27 July 2013 The start to the weekend began on Friday 26 July for some – Sue, Kerry, Woody, Jacquie Russell, Terry and I were all camped by evening. The weather was cold, windy and wet we even had a thunderstorm during the night. We had a good evening meal of fish and chip from the local Farmers Club $10 for a good size fish and plenty of chips. You had to order from the caravan park then drive to the club to collect. Not a long drive so it was still hot on arrival. We ventured into the caravan camp kitchen to eat as it was warm inside and we could all be together. Woke to a cold drizzly morning. As the day progressed the weather improved, slightly cold but no rain and the sun did venture out sometimes. Others began to arrive, Nicole, Shaun, Mark, Ian, Nola and Paul, Terri, Kimberly, Tristan, John, Bill and Wendy. After lunch the Botchy games got underway with four members in each team playing off for the final – Russell, Jacquie, Mark, John played the final and Russell was the winner. People with the lowest scores played for the looser trophy – Ian, Nola, Woody and I which Nola won. After all that exercise we got into the serious aspect of the weekend – aprons and bbq’s. Shaun gave us a real challenge game of trying to remember names – you had to face the person beside you shake hands say you name and their name, they repeated the same procedure you then moved to the next person in line. By the time you got back to your original position you would have had to have remembered all names plus your own !!!!!!! This game got the people into a jolly frame of mine and was helpful to the visitors who had joined us for this weekend. Prizes were given out for the best aprons – Russell won hands down with his effort – attached to his apron was a box with the front cut out with make believe fire and on top of the box was a chicken and four sausages. Other winners were Paul for his unique golf apron and Terry for his artist one. Christmas gifts were then handed out with lots of sitting on laps, hugs and kisses – all in fun. The caravan hosts then called us into dinner – again the layout in the camp kitchen was excellent with the tables set out with Christmas decorations and crackers. The menu was chicken, pork, cauliflower cheese, baked pumpkin, potato au gratin, fresh mint peas followed by date pudding with custard and cream. Needless to say we all had plenty to eat and the liquid refreshment was in abundance. The hosts gave us a Christmas party time by asking us all to sing a Christmas carols and they would give prizes to the noisiest and most jovial. Not sure who won these prizes as by this time we were all very loud in our singing and the gifts were given out as we sang. The evening was finished by Shaun requesting people give a short story of some of their unusual exploits. During this story telling time the visitors got nicknames, Paul – no knees – Terri – ……..carer and John – unbogableoo. Great evening, good company, good food. Sunday morning all enjoyed a cooked breakfast of eggs, bacon, sausages and bread rolls all donated by the club funds that had been collected during the year with raffles. Yet another great fun weekend – no four wheel driving but a good Out and About weekend. Thanks to Nicole and Shaun for organising the fun activities.